Tumbang Preso, or tumba lata is one of the popular games play in the Philippines. This game is mostly played on backyards, open areas, and most commonly, streets. Template:HeadingA Without this items, it will not considered as Tumbang Preso. You need items such as:

  • An it.
  • Two or more players.
  • A rectangular field
  • A can.
  • A pair of slippers.
  • A chalk or any marking tool for lines and indicators



To start the game, you must invite three or more people involve who want to play the game. Once you have enough players for the game, use a chalk to mark a rectangular field with a ratio of 16:9 (or any dimensions similar to 16:9). Next, divide the field in to four sections. Remove the center line.


  • Players must have slippers to hit the can precisely.
  • The IT must never go to the player zone unless he or she will tag a player without slippers.
  • Players must never go to the IT zone unless he or she throw the slippers.
  • Players must throw the slippers or else he or she will be the IT in the next round.
  • The IT will tick the can three times if every player misses the can and no players are in the player zone with his or her slippers.
  • The IT will never tag a player if the can is knocked out.

Template:HeadingAPlayers must hit the can precisely while the IT will tag players who has his/her slippers in the IT zone. Once the can knocked out with the player's slippers, the IT will bring back the can to its position and he/she will tag again. If the IT tags a player, the player who is tagged will be the IT in the next round. If all the players missed the can and no player is in the player zone, the IT will tick the can three times then all players (including the IT) will go into the player zone as fast as possible. The game is over, the next IT will be the player who is last in coming the player zone.

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