The Philippine President is the Head of the Philippine State and Government. it leads the executive branch and act as Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.

Rodrigo Duterte and his predecessors (Ramos, Estrada, Arroyo and Aquino III)

Presidents of the 5th Republic

It first summon during the Spanish Empire and revives during the American Occupation and the Japanese Occupation. It fall during the Declaration of Martial Law and is rise again at the 5th Republic


  • Can serve both as head of state and Government
  • Can Declare Writ of Habeas Corpus or Martial Law
  • Can Appoint Officials
  • Can Be Reported Directly by Government officials

How To Be


  • Natural Born Citizen
  • Voter
  • Can Read and Write
  • 40 years old at the Election day
  • a resident of the Philippines for 10 years preceeding in election


They can be voted by majority by election every 6 years at the second sunday of May. Most of the public schools were transformed into Poll Precincts. the counting of votes were held by COMELEC and it was announced by Congress.


It was held every June 30 the president must take the oath at noon. As soon as the President takes the Oath of Office, a 21-gun salute is fired to salute the new head of state, and the Presidential Anthem Mabuhay is played. The President delivers his inaugural address, and then proceeds to Malacañang Palace to climb the Grand Staircase, a ritual which symbolises the formal possession of the Palace. The President then inducts the newly formed cabinet into office in one of the state rooms.

Places of Inaguration

  • Barasoain Church
  • Old Legislatibe Building
  • Quirino Grandstand