El Filibustirismo ("The Filibustering"; usually shortened as "El Fili") is the sequel to Noli Me Tangere by Jose Rizal. Both novels played a big role in shaping the Filipino's national identity during the Spanish Occupation Era, and inspiring the Philippines Revolution. It was to be followed by another novel Rizal was writing titled "Makamisa," but it was never finished.


  • Like the first book, El Filibustirismo was banned in many areas of the Philippines for the negative portrayal of their oppressors.
  • The book was published in Spanish Language on the year 1891.
  • The novel was to be followed by Makamisa, but Jose Rizal died before finishing it.


  • Simon- Ibarra in Disguise. A wealthy Jeweler who tries to avenge against the Spaniards
  • Basillio- a medical student.
  • Isigani- A