Doktor Kwak Kwak is a popular game played mostly by Filipino children. It first involves one player being chosen as 'Doktor Kwak Kwak' either by 'jack en poy', "bato, bato, pik", or some other method. After the chosen is determined, he/she will turn around and look away from the remaining players. The rest of the players will then form a circle, hold each others' hands, and move over or under each other to 'entangle' the circle formed. To start a round, the player chosen as 'Doktor Kwak Kwak' will then turn around facing the 'tangled' circle of players and then start to 'untangle' them all by himself/herself. When the player manages to 'untangle' them, the round is over, the chosen player wins, and another round may begin for a new player to be chosen. However, if the chosen player manages to fail in 'untangling' the other players, or injure another player, the player may be given a consequence depending on the choice of the other players.

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