Filipino Family

By: IamChichi (Group 7 : OCIONES)

What is Values Education?

Values Education is one of the most important things that should be taught in schools. As Filipinos we are all known for our good characteristics. When we were still small we are taught by our parents to give respect to elders, love our brothers,sisters and family, have faith in God and always be kind to others. However in our generation today these traits are slowly fading. That's why it is important to practice values in schools among students. The educational institute of the country plays a big contribution in promoting values education for students to construct a good character. By promoting values education in schools we can create a better country for the future generations through lessening the negative attributes by teaching values.

Best Filipino Values

"National strength can only be built on character." said by our late President Manuel L. Quezon in his speech. Indeed he is right that the strength of a nation can only be build through well rounded, disciplined and patriotic countrymen. And as Filipinos we obtain those characters. We are hospitable, respectful, loving, caring, and religious.

Values Practiced by Filipinos

  • Hospitality- Hospitality is one of the most popular traits obtained by Filipinos. Filipinos are known to be kind to their visitors and gave them a friendly and warm treatment.

  • Respectful- Respect is one of the major values practiced since we were children. An example of that is "mano" which is when the young ones put the elder's hand on their forehead. Also by saying "po" and"opo".

  • Family Oriented- When it comes to family, Filipinos are one of the billions of people who value their families the most. They have a strong bond with their families that has been observe all through the years.


  • Religious- Through years Filipinos have been one of the greatest devotees of patrons and saints. Christianity has dominated the country ever since the spanish colony came to the country. Filipinos showed great faith and devotion to God from generation to another.
  • Generous and Helpful- Filipinos are very generous. Even when they have very little, they always share what they have.
  • Strong and Resilient- The Filipinos are one of the strongest people. Even though how many tragedies or calamities they may have faced, they are still strong and they always stand up no matter what. They have a strong will and brave who are always willing to rise up again. ranging from Terrorism to National Disasters."Through self-discipline we shall harness all our energies,so that our power, spreading over the length and breath of this Land will develop its resources, advance its culture, secure social justice, give puissance to the Nation, and insure happiness and contentment for all the people, under the ægis of liberty and peace." ------------------Manuel L. Quezon

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